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Iran ranks 4th in world in Nanotechnology publications

 | Post date: 2018/01/30 | 

Tehran (ISNA) – By publishing 8791 Nanotechnology articles until the end of December 2017, Iran has ranked fourth in the world ranking, according to the Web of Science.

According to statistics published in the Web of Science, with publishing 40 percent of the Nanotechnology articles, Iran has the greatest share among the Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia with a share of 13 percent, Turkey with 11 percent and Malaysia with 9 percent placed behind Iran.

Iranian researchers registered 197 inventions which the highest number of inventions were registered in the United States. Currently, 257 companies active in the field of nanotechnology work in Iran.

In terms of exporting Nanoproducts, Iran has been able to find its place in international markets and exports its Nano products to 47 countries of the world like Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, South Korea, Tanzania, Cuba and many other countries.

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